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Social networking websites are undoubtedly powerful, but everyone is not on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.  Of those who do have accounts, many only log on intermittently and don't rely on those sites for all their information.  Depending on your target demographics, there are a good number of people who are more likely to see your product on a professionally printed card or brochure than find out about it on facebook.


A recent study showed that more than fifty percent of email recipients delete marketing messages within two seconds of opening them. A magazine ad, a brochure, or even a simple flier typically has a much longer shelf life.


Printed products give you another channel to market your company and promote your brand. Having your logo, brand name and signature displayed in multiple formats is a great way to maximize your exposure.


Printed materials can often catch a consumer’s eye even when they aren’t actually looking for a particular product or service. People tend to hang onto a business card or brochure for future reference.

Although it is vital to have an on-line presence, printed material should still be an important part of a branding strategy, especially because, unlike posting tweets, printing isn’t free.

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